Comfortable, Perfect Control For A Slim Body!
Stretch & Compress For ALL-DAY Comfort!
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Stretch & Compress
For All-DAY Comfort!
Look 2 Sizes
Smaller Instantly

Slim Control gently compresses right where you need it, so you look slimmer everywhere!

  No lumps, bumps, or muffin tops
  No uncomfortable seams 
•   No more panty lines 
•   No ugly marks on skin  

All the comfort of regular panties with the molding effect of shape wear!
Feel Comfortable, Sexy, & Confident All Day & Night!
Just step in, put it on & all your bulges are gone! Wear it with all your favorite clothes, from jeans and fitted tops to your sexiest party dress, & look shapely & elegant wherever you go:

•   At the office 
•   Shopping 
•   Date night 
•   At a party or special night out!

And Slim Control is so comfortable, you won't even remember your wearing it!

For All Your Troubles, One Comfortable Solution!
Waist: Bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist. Then, standing straight, make sure tape fits securely yet comfortably around your waist. Allow one finger between your body and the tape.

Hips: Approximately 8" below the waist, measure around the fullest point of your hip (lower body).
Real People, Real Results!
“It’s so comfortable you can’t believe it!”
“There’s no pinching, no squeezing. It’s like wearing nothing!”
“With Slim Control it feels like I am not wearing anything, it’s fantastic”
Be Comfortable, Feel Great, 
& Look Sleek & Sexy Once Again!